Where do Orangutans live ?

Where orangutans live: habitats. An unattractive animal with uneven body hair and four hooked paws that resemble human hands is found in the tropical forests of Asia.
And it’s called orangutan, which means “forest man” in Malay. This comparison arose because adult males of this species live most in the forests, moving on the ground like a human being. And the reasons for this – too much weight, which can not withstand the tree branches and the desire of the male to control its territory.

In the places where the orangutans live, the territorial distribution is especially pronounced. So the males, having defended their territory, never cross its borders and always drive away from their aliens. For the same reason, young orangutans live in small communities until they reach the level of sexual maturity and the strength to defend their part of the forest land.

However, at present tropical forests of Asia have undergone mass cutting, as a result of which the territories of the males of orangutans have greatly decreased. That entailed frequent battles for the right to own a larger area between the strong individuals of this species of monkeys.
The decrease in the forest area in southeast Asia led to a decrease in the population of orangutans, for which rain forests were the most acceptable habitat, providing all the essentials for the life of these representatives of the family of anthropoid apes.