Where do ostriches live ?

The habitat of the largest birds on Earth covers the plains of Africa and the Middle East. Earlier they also met in Mesopotamia, Persia, India, Central Asia and Arabia, however, because of hunting in these areas, their population practically disappeared. In particular, the Middle Eastern species is completely extinct.

Of course, due to the fact that ostriches are actively domesticated and bred on special poultry farms, their number has increased dramatically in many parts of the world. Therefore, they can be found almost on all continents, except for Antarctica. However, the habitat of the wild species is exclusively Africa.

Ostriches, due to their nature, as well as the need to run fast choose for life mostly grassy savannahs, as well as small woodlands. Plain – an excellent place for their reproduction and food. In addition, on flat flat surfaces in savannah, predators are clearly visible. This is why these birds try to avoid dense thickets, swampy places, and also deserts with loose sands.

On the grassy plains these birds live in small flocks, sometimes their number can reach up to 50 individuals. But most of the number of birds does not exceed 15-20 individuals. Ostriches are grazing along with numerous herds of zebras and wildebeest. Such a company is herbivorous for a big feathery.