Where do otters live ?

The most famous and common otter is the European, or ordinary river otter, inhabits North Africa, Europe (besides Switzerland and the Netherlands) also Asia, not meeting only on the Arabian Peninsula.

In South America, the otter-record holder lives in length and weight among representatives of the subfamily – the giant, or the Brazilian otter. The length of her body without a tail reaches 150 cm, the tail in length is 70 cm, and the body weight is about 30 kg. The main difference between the giant otter and the other relatives is its flattened tail. The Brazilian otters live in small family groups in quiet rivers: the Amazon and the Orinoco. Between them, they communicate with different sounds. To notify the family of their presence, otters sharply scream and emerge from the water.

Three more species of the subfamily vyzdrovye inhabit Central and South America, this: southern, long-tailed and cat-otter. In North America, the Canadian otter lives, which differs from the common otter only in its large size and skull structure. The weight of the Canadian otter can reach 14 kg.

In sub-Saharan Africa there is a motley, white-spotted, or spotted otter, in the Indochina and the Malay Archipelago – the Sumatran otter, in Southeast Asia – the Indian otter. Also in these parts of the world you can see different types of drooping otters.