Where do Pelicans live ?

Pelican is a migratory bird that inhabits the southern part of Europe, along the shores of the Black Sea, in the thickets of rivers flowing into the Caspian, the Aral Sea, and also in Africa. Birds, nesting in Europe and North Africa, fly to winter in the southern and central regions of Africa, while Asian pelicans hibernate in India. For nesting birds choose hard-to-reach beaches, densely overgrown with reeds, or islands and sandy spits on lakes. Outside the nesting season, pelicans live along the shores of lakes or marshes, in lagoons, river estuaries and coastal waters of the seas, successfully hunting in salty and salty waters.

The breeding season for pelicans lasts from mid-April to mid-September. Birds look for themselves in a couple of different ways. Outside the nesting colony, the female approaches the group of current males and chooses a partner. Then the couple moves to the side, and the male tries to mate with a friend. In nesting places, the mating ritual of the pelicans looks different. This time, the males approach the groups of females, and start to poke, walking in front of them with a low murmur, and sometimes they gather in a circle and rub their beaks.

Initially, the females stay apart, but soon the cavalry one by one or groups approach the females, and they choose their partners. Then the couple flies to the water, where the suitor swims around his chosen one. Going out on land, the male ruffles his feathers, dissolves his wings and continues courting his girlfriend. Finding the place for the nest, the female rakes the ground with her beak, settles into a hole and allows a partner to her person.