Where do pheasants live ?

Since the pheasant’s subspecies have an incredible variety, its habitat covers a vast territory. It is found in Primorsky Krai, in the Volga delta, in almost all regions of the Caucasus (Ciscaucasia, the North Caucasus, Transcaucasia), in the Aral-Caspian lowland and on the southeastern coast of the Caspian. In general, it is represented in all countries of the former USSR. Abroad, the pheasant is most often found in Turkey, in a number of European countries, in North America, Japan, China, Mongolia, Afghanistan and other regions of Asia – from the Front to the Central. In Europe (usually in the South and West), it is most domesticated.

Pheasant lives in river reed valleys, forests with an underbrush and shrubby plots. Predominantly kept near water bodies, in grassy and shrubby vegetation along the shores of lakes and river valleys. Pheasant can also be found in dense forest thickets, which abound in prickly, curly bushes and interspersed with small open plots. It is also often along the margins of fields. Grass and shrubs are necessary for him to hide: a frightened pheasant rarely rises into the air, flying over the branches of trees – most often it hides on the ground. In the bad weather, pheasants also help out the pheasants, where they are buried from the weather.