Where do porcupines live ?

Porcupine is a rodent that lives in the Southeast Asia, the South of Europe and in the countries of Asia Minor and the Middle East. Also this animal can be found in Sri Lanka and in Indochina. These rodents, which are noticeable from afar, inhabit mostly mountainous terrain, but they can also live in deserts, on plains.

Most of the time the porcupine lurks in caves, under the roots of trees or between stones. Rodents dig themselves large holes in soft soils – at times the porcupine burrow can reach 10 meters in length. Agile animals try to find themselves such a refuge, from which it will be possible to get out at least two ways.

Distinguish the porcupine from other rodents simply – his body is covered with needles, the length of which can reach half a meter. The porcupine itself can reach a meter in length. The needles of this unusual rodent can have black and white, black or brown color. Porcupine needles are replaced with the course of life. In total, the number of needles on the porcupine body can reach 30,000 pieces. His needles perform a protective function and help the rodent stay on the water – the needles are hollow. However, the assumption that the porcupine can shoot with needles is incorrect – this animal can only discard its needles if the predator touches them. But the oblong muzzle and the abdomen of the porcupine do not have needles. Like all rodents, the porcupine has sharp teeth.