Where do possums live ?

Many nature lovers are interested in the life of opossums in natural conditions. This type of possum is widely distributed in North America from Southern Canada to Mexico.

These animals alternate sedentary existence with a vagabond way of life, moving along rivers. The animals do not sit in one place for more than six months. They prefer solitude, communication between individuals is not developed.

Distributed from southern Mexico south to northern Peru, eastern Bolivia and Paraguay.

Possum growth with a domestic cat. The body length is 36-53 cm, the tail is 25-33 cm, weight is 1.6-5.7 kg.

People inhabited a variety of areas – both low-lying and elevated, mostly near water bodies. Active mainly at night. Compared to other mammals, they seem slow and stupid. They often pretend to be dead, which probably has a protective meaning. They climb trees beautifully with the help of far-away thumbs and the muscular grasping tail.

Females begin to multiply at the age of one year. As a refuge hollows, emptiness of soil, under constructions, in garbage, etc. serve. In the north, opossums have one brood, in the remaining parts of the range there are two broods per year. The brood consists primarily of 8-18 cubs. After leaving the bag, usually there are not more than 7 young. Newborns all weigh 2 g, and 20 of these newborns fit freely in a teaspoon.

Opossums are almost omnivorous. They eat carrion, invertebrates, mice, reptiles, amphibians, mushrooms, many cultivated plants, especially corn and cereals.