Where do pugs live ?

Pug is an pet, so he lives with people.┬áPug is an ancient Chinese breed. Early Chinese manuscripts refer to “square, low dogs with a short snout”. In China there were dogs “Ha Pa” and “Luo Jie”. Two of these varieties were very similar and differed only in the length of the coat. “Ha Pa” were long-haired. Probably the ancestors of the pugs were “Luo Jie”, they were like Pekingese, but they wore short wool. Pugs were noble dogs and lived in rich houses.

 In those days the pugs still did not have such deep wrinkles, but a clear picture of the folds on their forehead manifested itself and was similar to the hieroglyphics. That is why the wrinkles on the forehead of the pug were called the imperial sign. Pug came to France with the Turkish fleet in 1553. Later this breed became beloved also in the Netherlands, where her color was likened to the colors of the ruling house of Orange. When Wilhelm III of Orange became the King of England, he and his wife, Maria II, brought pugs from the Netherlands in 1689.

This breed was very popular for about two centuries. But gradually pugs became smaller. In 1864, for the British Queen Victoria, who wished to have this breed, she barely tracked down one dog. After 20 years, the first club of Pug lovers was created, and thanks to it the breed began to improve and acquire those standards that are still appreciated in these dogs. The first wife of Napoleon, the Empress Josephine, had a favorite pug named “Fortune”.