Where do rabbits live ?

Many think that rabbits are exclusively domesticated animals that can not live in captivity. Part of this is true, because those rabbits that are bred by farmers and rabbits with lovers can not really survive in the wild, except when it comes to living in a safe and satisfying place, and, of course, in a group. So, there are wild rabbits, they, like rabbits, live all over the world.

To date, wild European rabbits live on absolutely all continents, here they were helped by people. Of course, they are not found in Antarctica, there are very few people living there. To list their habitats simply does not make sense, let’s just say that it’s Africa, and South America, and North America, and of course the long-suffering Australia. It was on the continent of kangaroos that the reproduction of rabbits acquired the most threatening character.

In our country, wild rabbits are not as numerous as in other European countries, in large part because of the harsh climate. By the way, the first attempts to resettle wild rabbits in our country were made in the 19th century. Then, as in the era of the Soviet Union, the warmest regions of the country were chosen for this, namely the Stavropol Territory, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania and Uzbekistan. Let’s just say that they have not taken root everywhere. In modern Russia, wild rabbits live in large numbers in the Rostov region, as well as in the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories.