Where do raccoons live ?

The range of the raccoon habitat of jungle and swamps of South and Central America. He visually seems a little less than his relative raccoon raccoon, but this is only at first glance. Such a deception of sight is due to the short coat and streamlined body of the raccoon raccoon. Countries in which the racoid meets: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Tobago.

The Cozumel racoon lives on the island of Cozumel, which belongs to Mexico. This is one of the rare types of raccoons. He lives in the rain and mangrove forests of the island. Also often Cozumel raccoon settles on beaches along the coastline of Quintana Roo and on cultivated lands.

The Guadalupe raccoon lives in Guadeloupe and the Lesser Antilles. It belongs to the endangered species and is listed in the International Red Book. The habitats of the Guadalupe raccoon are the marshy areas and humid areas of Guadeloupe. Although it can settle in dry forests, in such cases the main condition is the presence of a reservoir.

The most famous and most common species of the genus raccoons is the raccoon-poloscun. The raccoon raccoon inhabits North America, starting with the Isthmus of Panama and ending with the southern provinces of Canada. Also the species was successfully acclimatized in Europe, namely in Germany, from where it later moved to France and other European countries. Attempts were made to acclimatize the species in the Soviet Union. They were crowned with success in Azerbaijan and in the southern regions of Belarus and Russia.

Raccoon poloskun gives advantage to swampy areas, broad-leaved and mixed forests with the presence of rivers and lakes. Avoid raccoon-poloskun coniferous and waterless forests.