Where do raccoons sleep ?

These charming hoodlums in the mask can fall asleep on the shoulder of their owner, on his hands, hang on the handwheels, stretch out on the landing. The cottage of the raccoon is a solid sleeping bed.

Wild raccoons sleep during the day, and at night they go hunting. With the onset of twilight, the raccoon races begin to warm up before the forthcoming sally. As the Sun goes completely beyond the horizon, these striped-tailed hoodlums are selected from the den and begin to wool the entire district in a radius of 1.5 (km) from their burrow.

By the way, get acquainted with the article about the tracks of the raccoon. With the onset of the dawn, the raccoon full to the dump goes to its abode, to properly take a nap and gain strength for the next sortie.

The owners of raccoons note that these weasers with a striped tail adore sleep. It can go so far that the raccoon falls asleep directly during the game with its owner.