Where do red foxes live ?

The area of the red fox is North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa. Also, the fox was brought to Australia, where it successfully adapted to the new conditions of life.

Red fox dwells in all climatic zones except for the deaf taiga and heavily snow-covered areas. For habitat, it usually chooses open areas with small bushes or forest belts. In our country the red fox is most common in the foothills of the European and Asian parts.

Fox was very well adapted to human activities. Many foxes live in the neighborhoods not only of villages, but also of large cities. The foxes’ enemies are large predators, which have a common habitat with the fox. They are mostly wolves and sometimes golden eagles.

Red fox is the size of a small dog. The elongated trunk is planted on short legs. The fox has a fluffy long tail, which is about 40% of the total length of the body. The muzzle is elongated, above the upper lip is a strip of white fur. The sizes of the red fox differ in the North-South direction, the northern foxes are bigger and brighter than the southern foxes.