Where do red wolves live ?

Red wolves live in the southeast and central parts of Asia, the Malay Archipelago, the Altai, the Sumatra and Java islands. On the territory of Russia these predators only occasionally meet in the Far East, where they come from China and Mongolia. Places for living are mostly chosen in the mountains at an altitude of not more than 4000 m above sea level, arranging in caves, crevices of rocks or dens of the den. In the southern part of the range, wolves tend to gravitate towards forests. In search of food, animals can go on extremely short periods and into other habitats, such as deserts, steppes or forest-steppe. But everywhere their stay is confined to gorges and rocky places with a clump of ungulates.

Red wolves are kept in fairly large flocks, consisting of pairs of different generations and numbering from 5 to 12 individuals. Members of the pack maintain friendly relations among themselves and conduct a very active, almost round-the-clock way of life. When looking for prey in dense thickets, predators are guided by its smell, and to even better smell it, jump upwards by almost 3 meters.

They are hunted mainly during the day and only together, in groups of 10-15. They act very cunningly, tirelessly chasing the chosen victim. Wolves are stretched by a live chain, creating an arc on the run. Further, gradually embracing the flanks of the prey, try to drive it to an open place or in winter on the ice, where the ungulates become helpless.