Where do rhinos live ?

Once a black rhino inhabited almost the entire territory of African savannahs. He met in East, Central and South Africa. But with the advent of Europeans on the African continent, their mass extermination began, and already in the mid-twentieth century, the number of rhinoceros decreased significantly to 13.5 thousand individuals.

Now in the wild there are about 3.5 thousand black rhinoceroses. The largest part of the population lives on the territory of such African countries: South Africa, CAR, Angola, Tanzania, Cameroon, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Basically, all the rhinoceros in these countries live in the reserves, where poachers do not have access. A small number of rhinos live in the countries of West Africa, their numbers are not known reliably, due to the constant hunting for animal poachers and the unstable situation in the countries of this region.

The status of the black rhinoceros in different countries is constantly fluctuating. For example, in recent years, the number of animals in the reserves of South Africa has increased, and in West Africa, even a complete extinction of one of the subspecies of the black rhinoceros was recorded.