Where do Salamanders live ?

Salamander can be found in Europe, Asia, but they reached the greatest variety in North America. The habitats of these amphibians are diverse, but in one way or another connected with water. Most species live in brooks, some hide under trees in damp forests, and some have adapted to dwelling in dark caves.

All types of salamander have the same structure: an elongated body with a long tail, a small head and short, feeble legs. In general, these salamanders are shorter and more burly, and in the bodyless and tailless, the body and tail are often very elongated, almost serpentine. The eyes of the Newts have movable eyelids. Their tongue is short, their jaws weak with small teeth. The body of salamander, like all amphibians, is covered with a thin, rather delicate skin. It is always wet, since the salamander breathe not only with light, but also with the whole surface of the body. In addition to moisturizing mucus, the skin of some salamanders can contain poisonous glands, the secret of which makes them completely inedible. Coloring different types of salamanders is of two types: in some species it is dark and unattractive, while in others it is bright – red, orange, yellow – with a mottled or mottled pattern. Bright coloring performs a cautionary function for predators.