Where do Sea otters live ?

Sea otters live in the northeast Pacific. They rarely appear on the shore and sleep, rocking on the waves, on their backs, clinging to algae so that they are not carried away by the current.

Thick fur of sea otters is the densest of all animals, it helps them to keep heat in cold water.

The heaviest of all otters is the sea otter, it weighs up to 45 kg and reaches 1.4 m in length from nose to tail.

To conserve heat and energy, the sea otter eats up to 30% of its weight daily, diving behind clams, sea urchins and octopuses.

The sea otter of one of the last mammals has passed from life on land to life in the sea.

In the 1700s-1800s. Sea otters were put on the verge of extinction because of hunting for their valuable fur, which was called “soft gold”.

To break the shell of the mollusk, the sea otter floats on its back and puts a stone on its stomach, using it as an anvil. They hold their food with their forelimbs when they swim on their backs.

These interesting animals sleep, grow and give birth to cubs on a bed of sea brown algae.

The only of all otters, sea otters can release and clean claws on the forelimbs, like cats.