Where do sea turtles live ?

Sea turtles have uncommon abilities in navigation, presumably being guided by the magnetic field of the Earth. They are able to return unmistakably to their birthplace after many years. Especially distinguished olive sea turtle, representatives of this species gather for mating in one day on some beach and many thousands of turtles almost simultaneously lay millions of eggs; This phenomenon is known as “arribide”. Atlantic Ridley, which is on the verge of destruction, and does multiply only on one beach in the world, located in Mexico.

The average life expectancy of sea turtles is 80 years. Sexual maturity in females occurs approximately in 30 years, when they return for the first time to the beach, where they once hatch. During the whole year of nesting, which occurs every two or four years, the female lays from four to seven clutches of 150-200 eggs. Mating turtles occurs in the water, in the coastal zone, often the amount of sperm obtained by the female is enough for several clutches.

The way of creating the masonry is the same among all species of sea turtles: the female searches for a suitable place on the beach and starts raking the sand with her hind legs until a round notch 40-50 centimeters in depth is formed. In this pit, the female lays eggs (their number depends on many factors), then falls asleep with sand and gently tampers, making the clutch as inconspicuous as possible. The whole process takes about an hour, after which the female returns to the ocean and no longer cares about her offspring.