Where do servals live ?

Servals are found only on one continent – they are common in Africa, except for the Sahara desert, the extreme south of Africa and equatorial forests. There are 14 types of serval, they differ in geography of residence and skin color. In Algeria, Morocco, these animals are very rare in our time. Most of the shrubby cats live in Tanzania, the crater of Ngoro-Ngoro, there are about 40 individuals per 100 sq. Km there. Kilometers.

The nearest relatives of serval (if you take into account the morphology) are the caracal and lynx, but in color it most closely resembles a cheetah. Of all the cats the servants have the longest legs and the largest ears – if compared with the size of the whole body, but the head is quite small. The length of the body of the shrub cat reaches 90-135 centimeters, the height at the withers is up to 65 centimeters, it weighs on average from 8 to 18 kilograms. The main color is yellowish-gray, dark spots and streaks are scattered on it.

In cats living in the steppes, the spots are larger, and the background is lighter; But in the forest – the spots are smaller and the background is darker, and they are smaller in size. The muzzle, belly and chest are usually white, and the ears are black outside, with white or yellow spots.