Where do skunks live ?

Skunks live mainly on flat surfaces. The animal prefers not to depart from water sources more than three meters. His homeland is believed to be the territory of the United States and the south of Canada. An animal skunk not found in Alaska and Hawaii. The mammal is also prevalent in such countries as Mexico, Nicaragua and El Salvador, Argentina, Guatemala and Costa Rica, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and Belize, Chile.

The place for habitation is not higher than 1800 meters above sea level. Some species are taken up to 4000 meters. Skunk lives in the forests or in the meadows, not far from the settlement of people. Shrubs, rocky slopes and fringes near rivers are the most favorite places of these animals. In winter, the animal hibernates. Before that, they prepare their home, collecting dry leaves and grass.

Place for overnight should be dry and inconspicuous for others. In December, with the onset of cold weather, the minker falls asleep. Nora usually chooses skunk is someone dug. Nora foxes or emptiness in dry stumps can be useful for a home. Females sleep with cubs, and males separately. Neighborhood is not tolerated. Wake up at the end of March.

In Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States, minke whales are kept as a pet. But in some states the home skunk is a big rarity. The law protects these mammals from unauthorized trade. Where it is allowed, you can buy skunks in animal shelters or in fur farms, where they remove odorous glands.