Where do snails live ?

In wet weather, you can often see in gardens and parks, in meadows and in the forests of creeping snails, also called gastropods. They also live in large and small ponds and lakes. They can be found on the rocks of the sea coast, and their empty shells are played by surf waves. So, they live in a variety of conditions. Together with bivalves and cephalopods, they all belong to the type of mollusks. 85-100 thousand species of snails are known on the globe.

Usually the snail has an elongated leg, with which it moves slowly. Slipping is facilitated by the mucus that is secreted by the glands located in the leg. On the soles of his feet run through undulating muscular movements, slowly guiding forward the body of the cochlea. Not all snails have a shell. Among the land snails there are no shells for slugs, many species also live in the sea, which have lost a shell. In other snails, the shell is of a very beautiful shape and color. In case of danger, the snails hide in the sink. Since the calcareous shell does not allow moisture, ground snails survive periods of drought, hiding in its depth, since they can normally exist only in high humidity air. Biologists divide snails, or gastropods, into various groups based on the structure of their body. The most important of these are the gill and lung snails.