Where do snowy owls live ?

Snowy Owls is a typical predator of the northern latitudes. It is common in the tundra in North America and Russia, and also in Siberia. Probably earlier this species was also found on the territory of Scandinavia, as the Latin name of the bird says. Forested areas try to avoid, preferring to settle in open spaces or spurs of mountain hills, although it does not fly over 1000 meters above sea level.

Snowy Owl is the largest predator of the polar band. Female size and weight superior to males.

The wingspan of an adult specimen reaches one and a half meters, the weight of large females is up to 2 kilograms. It is not easy to see a predator in the snow, since the color of the feather of adult birds is almost completely white, only small and rare black pestriny are noticeable. In females, pestrin is usually larger, and the old males are completely white, without taking into account several black bands on the tail.