Where do sparrows live ?

Sparrows inhabit the entire globe. Most of sparrows live in forest areas of warm and hot latitudes. As we approach the north, their number is significantly reduced. For example, in the tundra of the European part of the Russian Federation, no more than twenty-nine percent of the total number of bird species that are registered in the territory belong to the sparrows.

Sparrows nest on the ground. Some individuals. Others in the crevices of rocks or stones. Often the nest of sparrows can be located in burrows. A large number of species build nests in bushes and trees. Some species nest in human buildings. As a rule, the male is determined with the site of the nest structure. Masonry (and there are two of them for one year) usually contains four or six eggs, but this amount can vary both in that direction and in the other direction. Eggs have a small size and a rather mottled color (in the vast majority of species). An interesting fact is that sometimes the second masonry falls on that interval of time when the chicks of the first have not yet become independent. In this case, the male takes care of the first brood.