Where do squirrels live ?

Each species of squirrel inhabits different flora and fauna of different countries and continents.

For example, Aberta Squirrel lives in the coniferous forests of the states of Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico and in selected areas of Mexico.

The Havana protein is distributed only in South America: Brazil, Venezuela, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, and also in the northeast of Argentina. Dwells in forests and parks.

The Allen squirrel lives in oak or mixed oak-pine forests in the north of Mexico.

Persian, or Caucasian squirrel, is found in forest areas of the Caucasus and the Middle East, as well as on the islands of the Aegean Sea Lesbos and Goceaada. Lives in such countries: Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq.

Arizona squirrel lives in the USA in the broad-leaved and coniferous forests of Arizona in the west of New Mexico, where to settle in deep canyons, in which grow oaks or black walnuts. It is also common in northern Mexico, Sonora.

Zolotistobryohoy protein is located in South and East Mexico, as well as in Guatemala and the Florida Keys archipelago.

The dwarf protein lives in North America from the west of the Mississippi River to the north of Canada. Also, this species has recently been widely spread in England, Ireland, Scotland and Italy.

Squirrel Collie is found in thickets of tropical and subtropical forests of Mexico and the Pacific coast.

Belka Deppe is a native of Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Mexico.