Where do Starfish live ?

Starfishes meet at different depths; Some species live at depths of thousands of meters, others near the shores, remaining sometimes at low tide for several hours without water. The stars are in many respects hardy, but (like other echinoderms) are extremely sensitive to the degree of salinity of water, requiring water of normal oceanic salinity (about 3%). Therefore, they are absent in the Black and Baltic Seas.

The starfish is one of the slowest representatives of the animal world, the number of its varieties reaches about one and a half thousand. Sea stars feel great and at a depth of about ten thousand meters under the water. Read about this amazing creation of the underwater world in the article.
The most interesting thing is that sea stars do not know how to swim at all, they run on their legs-rays along the bottom at a speed of about fifteen centimeters an hour. In addition to walking, leg-rays are also necessary for capturing prey. Although, some people can eat the chosen victim entirely, especially not ceremony, but at the same time they digest it all day.

The starfish fully justified the name that the person bestowed on her, since the number of rays in her range from five and up to fifty pieces, and their tails even glow in the darkness of the water. Some starfish are whimsically decorated with spines, which are designed to scare off random enemies.