Where do tapirs live ?

Although previously tapirs were very widespread, today there are only five types: four (Tapirus pinchaque, T. terrestris, T. bairdii, T. kabomani) in the Central and warm regions of South America And one in southeast Asia.

The appearance of modern tapir for 30 million years has changed little and almost does not differ from the appearance of its ancient ancestors. This animal combines the features of a horse and a rhinoceros. Like a horse, a tapir has hoofs, and some species have a small mane. The upper lip extended into the proboscis serves to capture leaves, aquatic plants and succulent shoots. The entire body of the tapir is dense, stocky, covered with thick short fur. Small eyes, round, protruding ears and a short, like a chopped tail, give the animal a funny look.

Tapirs do not have a specific marriage period, and they mate at any time. After a pregnancy of 400 days, the female produces 1 or less 2 children.

The life span of animals is 30 years. Most types of tapirs are listed in the Red Book, as the number of these animals has recently declined markedly due to hunting for them and deforestation.