Where do Termite live ?

Usually termites live in forests, eating trees. Termites are built from a strong cement-like mass, which is obtained from wood processed in the intestines of termites. This material allows you to keep moist air inside the termite. In height, termites can reach 9 m, width – 15 m. Some termites arrange nests the size of a basketball ball in the trees. These nests protect the termites from ants, birds, lizards and spiders. Some nests of African termites have roofs in the form of an umbrella, do not allow rain, some are built in such a way that a constant temperature is maintained inside.

The construction of dwellings by termites is a vivid example of work on the basis of one instinct alone. The nest is built by new workers born in a colony that never lived there, where their parents came from, and therefore did not have the opportunity to learn anything from other termites. But when the termite is built, it is exactly like the one from where the king and queen of the new termite queen came.

In the United States there are termites of three types: some live in stones, others in wood, others in land under the shadow of the forest.