Where do Tetras live ?

Tetras belongs to the family of the Kharacids. They were found in the 30s of the last century in the rivers of South America. During these same years they were thoroughly investigated and widely spread among aquarists.

In natural conditions, tetra settle in shallow rivers, the bottom of which is strewn with fallen leaves, branches and driftwood. Prefers shaded areas of the river with a large number of plants and insects. They are the main food for these fish.

As already mentioned, the fish’s tetrads are not large. The length of their body is only 3-4 cm. The color is brownish or olive, with a white belly. Fins are painted in red. Between the head and back are two dark strips.

Male tetras are more brightly colored than females. Their difference (of males) is the presence of a black band passing along the edge of the anal and pelvic fins. The tail of the female has a pink color, while in the male it is almost colorless.