Where do tiger sharks live ?

Tiger sharks live in many seas of the World Ocean, preferring to stay in the coastal water area of ​​the seas of tropical and subtropical thermal belts, but also occur on the high seas.

They can be found near the islands of Oceania, along the coast of Australia, Africa, South and North America, New Zealand, East and South Asia, and also in the southern seas of Europe. They are found in the Mediterranean and Red Seas, off the coast of India and Indochina. The northern border of their range is in the area of ​​the Japanese islands, where their appearance was recorded. In the south, they did not meet further than New Zealand.

Tiger sharks often visit coves and bays, shallow reefs, go into the water area of ​​ports and canals, can visit beach areas, which creates a high probability of meeting people.

The vertical range of tiger shark habitat extends from the sea surface to considerable depths. They were met at a depth of almost 1 km, although this is rather an exception to the habitual way of life of striped predators. Usually they seldom sink to the depths of more than 300 meters, preferring to stay closer to the surface of the water, in shallow waters off the coast. Often they make migrations within their area of ​​residence, but rarely travel far away from the places that are chosen for life.