Where do tigers live ?

As early as the beginning of the 20th century, about 100,000 tigers lived on the Earth, most of them lived in India (40,000 individuals). In the twenty-first century the number, as well as the habitat of animals, declined significantly. Tigers in the wild remained according to approximate estimates of no more than 4,000.

Previously, these striped animals resided in many countries: India, China, eastern Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan. In addition to the mainland, tigers inhabited the islands of Sumatra, Java, and Bali. Now to meet the tiger even in the once most common places is a rarity.

The largest population of Bengal tigers lives in the territories of such states: Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan. Prefers a representative of the genus Panther to settle in dry savannahs, rain and mangrove forests. Its population is about 2,000 individuals.