Where do tortoises live ?

Tortoises  live in temperate and tropical climatic zones, inhabiting both the terrestrial and water expanses of the planet.

In such a science as the ecology of turtles are divided into the following types: marine and terrestrial, and in turn ground divide into freshwater and land. Based on this classification, it is possible to determine the residence of many species of turtles.

Habitats of sea turtles

This species of turtles inhabits the warm waters of the seas and oceans. Exceptions are only cold sea waters, where individual representatives of this species swim, and that is very rare.

It is interesting that some of these species of turtles know how to navigate the marine waters around the Earth’s magnetic field. More cognitive information about these animals can be found in the article Interesting facts about turtles.

Habitat of land tortoises

Tortoises live in southern Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia and the islands adjacent to these continents. The habitats of land tortoises: savannas, steppes, deserts. Some species are even found in tropical forests.

Where do freshwater turtles live?

Freshwater turtles live in fresh water reservoirs. You can meet them in the marshes and lakes of the equatorial and tropical forests of South America and Africa, as well as in seasonal water bodies. In addition to the listed reservoirs, freshwater turtles live in estuaries of rivers, rivers and marshes in the temperate zones of Europe and Asia.