Where do tree frogs live ?

Tree frogs, also known as tree frogs, are the most colorful representatives of a detachment of amphibians – their colors range from yellow and green to red and blue, mixed with black. Such a bright range is not just a fad of nature, it is a signal for predators warning of danger.

By isolating a toxic toxin capable of paralyzing, stunning and killing even a large animal, tree frogs have firmly established themselves in impassable tropical forests of Central and South America, where high humidity and a huge biodiversity of insects allow them to survive for more than 200 million years. Appearing on the Earth at the same time as dinosaurs, frogs show unusual adaptation to the environment – painted in all colors of the rainbow, they are almost invisible among the lush vegetation and inedible for most fauna.

American Aborigines – Amerindians, have long learned to benefit from the poison of woodworms, using it as a lethal substance to lubricate the tips of their hunting darts. Having pierced the frog with a stick, the Indians first held it above the fire, and then collected droplets of poison, protruding on the animal’s skin, into a container, after which they dipped arrows in a viscous liquid. Hence the emergence of yet another name for the poisonous tree frogs – dart-frogs.