Where do turkeys come from ?

Domestic turkey originate from their wild counterparts. Wild turkey originally inhabiting the territory of the New World, are domesticated by North American Indians long before the appearance of the first Europeans there. In Spain representatives of this species of birds were brought in 1519, and from there they very quickly began to settle in other continents.

In Russia, birds were originally called: Indian chickens, in accordance with their origin, but now such a phrase has come out of widespread use.

Turkeys are extremely intractable in nature, so in poultry houses in the same room usually contain no more than 30-35 turkeys and only 3-4 birds of the turkey. Otherwise, it is impossible to avoid big problems and fighting.

In small private farms, newly born turkeys are kept in a warm environment inside boxes with soft litter on the bottom. In the early days, chickens are a rather amusing sight.