Where do Warthogs live ?

The warthog is common throughout sub-Saharan Africa. There are four subspecies, of which three are fairly widespread. It is believed that only the Eritrean warthog (Phacochoerus africanus aeliani) is threatened with extinction.

Warthogs are territorial, lead a sedentary lifestyle and never make seasonal migrations, are social animals living in groups, usually from 4 to 16 adult animals. Active life is conducted primarily in the daytime, during the midday heat, they like to rest in bushes or under trees, and at night hide in rock crevices, former termite structures or in burrow holes (Orycteropus), which go off at night to find food. Sometimes they do not disdain caverns of porcupines or dig their own. Thus, warthogs manage to avoid their main enemy – the lion.

When digging the earth, the warthogs bend the front paws in the joints and drop to the “elbows”, on which they crawl forward with great ease. This same position they take while drinking water from streams.