Where do wolves live ?

Wolves inhabit different natural landscapes. For example, a red-haired wolf lives in a remote marshy or mountainous terrain. Tundra wolf, or polar, lives in the tundra and forest-tundra. The common wolf prefers to settle in the forest-steppes, steppes, semi-deserts, avoiding dense forests. Often, because of the destruction of the natural habitat, wolves settle near a person.

Wolves live in packs. Each pack has its own site, on which they hunt and permanently reside. Wolves are hunting for wolves in the article What wolves eat. One such site can occupy an area from 30 to 60 kmĀ². The perimeter of the entire territory of the wolf pack is indicated by the boundaries of “odorous marks”. Which wolves leave for other flocks, so that they do not encroach on their site. But nevertheless, quite often between schools there are fierce fights for the territory.

In the spring-summer period the flocks disintegrate. Each representative of the flock occupies its own plot on the territory of the clan, where it produces food and lives. The best plot remains for the dominant pair (alpha pair). Although the pack during this period and turns to a half-breed way of life, when pups appear, all the members of the pack take part in their upbringing and rearing.

To breed the offspring, the wolf arranges a den. Usually lairs are thickets of shrubs, crevices in rocks or trees. Also, lairs of other animals (badger, polar fox, marmot) can serve as a lair. The she-wolf always arranges its lair in dense bushes, ravines, beams near marshes or nearby rivers and lakes.