Where do Wombats live ?

The motherland of these animals is Australia. Wombat is also found on the island of Tasmania and in other nearby areas. The number of animals is quite high, but you can not meet them so often. This is due to the fact that Wombats spend most of their time underground. Among all the animals – “diggers” wombats are the largest and most talented. They build real underground houses in which they settle families.

Based on their main occupation in life, animals choose their own places for settlement. The main condition – dry soil, without roots, stones, groundwater. Complex tunnels built by wombats can reach a width of more than 3 meters, and in length – more than 20!

Wombats are nocturnal. In the afternoon they prefer to rest in their cool caves, and at night they go out to refresh themselves and take a walk.

As a rule, these animals live in large groups over a large area (from 5 to 25 hectares). They mark it, firstly, their homes, and secondly, their own excrement, which, incidentally, because of the features of the anus of the animal have the form of cubes. From uninvited guests and potential enemies, Wombats defend their territory with zeal and sometimes aggressively. Having seen the stranger, they begin to make loud noises, like mooing, and actively swing their heads from side to side. As a rule, this is already enough to scare off another beast, but if it does not go away, then wombats can go on the attack.