Where do Woodpeckers live ?

Distributed almost everywhere, except circumpolar regions, Australia, some oceanic islands. Woodpeckers are sedentary birds, migrate to other places only in the case of a lack of food and then do not return to their native lands. In a particularly hungry time, birds can move closer to places of human settlement.

Woodpeckers are birds of the family of woodpeckers, which unite 220 species. The size of the body in the family is in the range of 8 cm and 7 g (gold-eared duteelok) to 60 cm and 600 g (large mulelers woodpecker). The most famous and widespread species, a large motley woodpecker, has a body weighing about 100 grams, up to 27 cm long. Woodpeckers inhabit forest zones, adapting to any biotypes that have trees – from the taiga to the city parks.

Woodpeckers are often called a forest orderer or a forest doctor who provides invaluable services to forest plantations. In summer and spring, birds eat in a huge number of insects, their larvae, which are extracted from under the bark, thus saving the trees from damage and death. Even hollow woodpeckers hollow out in sick or dead trees, without touching the living and healthy.