Where do worms live ?

Most of all worms on the planet live in the soil. Some live in water (for example, leeches). In addition to soil, worms can settle in the bark of trees, as well as in organic remains. It can be manure or the corpse of some animal. Worms are common both in warm countries and in cold ones.

Even in those countries where there is a severe winter, worms feel good. Just for the winter they go to the ground. In the spring, when the surface of the earth warms up, worms rise from the depths of the earth above.

Half-rotten or fresh leaves are dragged by worms through holes of burrows to a depth of 6-10 centimeters and there they are eaten. Darwin observed how worms capture food objects. If to the surface of the earth in a flower pot to pin fresh leaves, then worms will try to drag them to their burrows.

Usually they tear off small pieces, grabbing the edge of the sheet between the prominent upper and lower lip. At this time, a thick, powerful throat protrudes forward and thereby creates an upper lip pivot point. If the worm stumbles on a flat large sheet surface, it acts differently.