Where do Yaks live ?

Yaks live in Tibet, India and China, where they live in the same way, both in a wild state and in domesticated. Homemakers are basically pack animals, in addition, they give milk and wool, they are almost half less than wild ones, but not always. There are also mixed herds of wild animals with domestic animals.

In nature, animals live alone or in small herds, at altitudes up to 6 thousand meters above sea level. Herds usually consist of females with young. Males are adjacent to them during estrus. Old males live separately. Females take care of the offspring for a year. Progeny of puberty reaches 6-8 years. Animals can live for several decades. Yaks persistently tolerate unfavorable environmental conditions (lack of food on the mountain plateaus, lack of oxygen and low temperature, the average value of which is about 0 ° C, and in winter it sometimes decreases even to -50 ° C).

Animals have dark brown wool, exceptionally long, sometimes reaching the ground, which perfectly protects them from the colds characteristic of high-altitude areas. The body length is 3.3 m in females and 4 m in males, the height in the club is not more than 2 m (males); 1.6 m (females), body weight about 525 kg, and females are much smaller. Of the sense organs, yaks are best developed sense of smell, and hearing and vision are much weaker.