Where do Zebras live ?

Zebras are found only on one continent of our planet – Africa. They live by families. One family consists of 4-10 individuals. At the head of each family group there is one stallion – the leader. It can only become mature male at the age of five or six years.

Family alliances with zebras are for life. The cause of the breakup of the family can only be the death of the leader or the expulsion of his younger challenger.

Each species of zebra occurs in different parts and in different landscapes of the African continent.

The Burchells live in savannas and steppes of southeastern Africa, beginning with South Ethiopia and ending with the east of Angola and South Africa. This species is the most common and numerous non-living rest. In addition to South Africa, Ethiopia and Angola, the Burchella zebra is found in Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda and Southern Sudan.

Zebra Grevi, or as it is also called desert zebra, refers to endangered species. In the wild, there are about 2.5 thousand individuals. This is the largest species of zebras. The length of the zebra Gravey reaches 3 meters, and in height at the withers is 1.4 meters. Distributed by Gravey in deserts and semi-deserts of Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

The mountain zebra is divided into two subspecies – the Cape zebra and the Hartmann zebra. The Hartman subspecies occurs on the mountain plateaus of South Africa and Namibia at an altitude of up to 2,000 meters above sea level. Mountain Cape zebra is found in the National zebra park, which is in South Africa, and near the Cape of Good Hope. The number of Cape Zebras is about 700 individuals. Zebr Hartman has about 15 thousand.