Which shark is the biggest ?

Far away from the earth, in the endless ocean waters warmed by the rays of the sun, groups of huge, apathetic creatures – whale sharks – are moving slowly.

The size of a three-story house, these fish are lazily floating, having opened giant mouths, they hang vertically in the water, soldiers, and then their heads, seen in the failures of the waves, seem from afar to appear as a reef.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world. It is precisely the fish, because the whales with which these giant sea-dwellers are usually confused are mammals.

The length of large whale sharks averages 13-15 meters, but it can not be said that this is the maximum to which they can grow.

Because of its colossal dimensions and a solitary way of life, giants are very little studied, and we can only guess about their maximum size.