White Tigers – information

In nature, sometimes there are interesting mutations, as a result of which in the species composition of animals there are individuals with new signs. As a result of one of these mutations, white tigers appeared. This rather rare animal is fascinating with its appearance. The white tiger differs from the usual bright white color of wool with black-brown stripes and blue eyes.

In nature, white individuals are rare, since the bright appearance does not allow the animal to sneak up to the prey, the white tiger with blue eyes imperceptibly and provides a lot of problems during the hunt. But in captivity white tigers successfully live and reproduce, and their way of life is no different from the way of life of their reddish relatives.

For today in all zoos of the world there are about 130 individuals of white tigers. There they are a kind of tourist attraction, because this mutation occurs quite rarely and only 10,000 individuals of tigers with ordinary coloring have 1 individual with white.

Many people think that white tigers are albinos because of an erroneous opinion. The pigment of melanin is present, although its content is less than the norm. In fact, the white tiger is just a color variation of the Bengal tiger, which has a so-called recessive white gene.