Why are elephants endangered ?

Every 15 minutes one elephant is destroyed for the sake of its tusks – at such rates for several years they will forever die out. The idea of ​​a complete global ban on trading in ivory is gaining momentum, but the European Commission has recently opposed it!

The drama of extermination of elephants can not leave indifferent. In some areas, these majestic and vulnerable creatures are so frightened by people that they only go out at night, and sloth-eaten elephants refuse to leave the mutilated corpses of their mothers.

29 African countries said that if Europe succeeds, this will lead to the extinction of elephants – these countries need our help.

Elephants are in danger, very soon they can disappear from the face of the Earth.

The idea of ​​a global ban on ivory trade is gaining increasing support, but recently the European Commission opposed a plan to help end the destruction of these animals! Almost 30 countries in Africa have risen to the protection of elephants – let’s join them and organize a global petition to convince Europe to help save elephants from extinction!