Why are sea otters endangered ?

People chased sea otters because of fur and skin. In addition, otters were caught, because they considered them competitors in fishing and shellfish production. If the otter is caught at a young age, it is easy to tame and teach to fish and bring it to the owner.

In 1994, sea otters were included in the International Red Book, after which their prosecution was banned. But otters are protected only legally, and in fact hunting for them continues to this day.

Reducing the size of the sea otter population is caused by the pollution of their habitats with heavy metals, the active collection of coastal seaweed, the loss of places suitable for life and breeding, the growth of tourism and the like.

These otters lead a solitary lifestyle. On 1 square kilometer of coast it is necessary from 1 up to 10 individuals. Sometimes sea otters can meet in groups of 2-3 individuals, but not more. In general, they prefer not to settle closer to each other than 200 meters.

Sea otters do not exhibit territorial behavior, they do not relate aggressively to other animals that have entered their site. Several females can settle in one territory. Sometimes they mark feces and urine of the rock and their lairs. When otters fight among themselves, they loudly squeak.