Why are zebras striped ?

Many scientists have long tried to answer this seemingly uncomplicated question. Some were inclined to the version that, thus, with the help of color, the zebra is masked from predators, which every minute threaten the life of the animal.

For quite some time this version was considered correct. But later all unanimously came to a conclusion – strips on a zebra frighten off an animal a fly a tsetse, which bite for many carries a considerable threat. The tsetse fly is a carrier of fever, from which no one is immune.

The striped animal becomes unobtrusive for this terrible insect, therefore it is most often possible to avoid bites of it. To understand what a zebra animal, you can visit the zoo and live with the animal. It is small in size, compared to other inhabitants of the African wildlife and dense physique.

There is no specific breeding season for these animals. A small stallion can be born at any time of the year. Most often it is in the wet season of rains, when there are no problems with food.