Wild hedgehogs

To which animals the hedgehog is related by nature, everyone knows. He is peaceful, but he has many enemies in nature: wolves, foxes, ferrets, martens, kites, owls, vipers. At a meeting with the enemy, the hedgehog first jumps on a predator for the purpose of pricking, and then a tangle of needles becomes an impregnable fortress. Nakolov paws and muzzle, the attacker loses interest in the extraction and leaves.

But there are clever ways to deceive the simple-hearted hedgehog. Those of the animals who eat hedgehogs have the intelligence of a predator. The insidious eagle owls noiselessly and tries to catch the prey by surprise.

Strong scales on the paws of the bird protects from prickly pricks. The fox deceives the hedgehog with water or drops it from a hill into a pond. The floating animal that opens the abdomen and muzzle becomes vulnerable to a predator.

In the duel of the hedgehog and snake, the fearless prickly animal becomes the winner. Grabbing her by the tail and curled into a tangle, he patiently pulls it under him. Interesting is the fact that hedgehogs are insensitive to many poisons.

So, for example, the caustic blood of caterpillars or ladybirds, bee venom, cantharidin of Spanish flies do no harm to the prickly inhabitant, although other animals carry such deaths.