Wombat marsupial

In addition to arid regions, wombats reproduce throughout the year. In arid regions, their reproduction is more seasonal. Marsupial of female wombats are turned back so that when digging burrows they do not get land.

Despite the fact that the female has two nipples, only one cub is born and brought up. From six to eight months, the offspring of wombats grow in the mother’s bag and remain with the mother for the next year.

Sexual maturity of wombats is reached at the age of two years. The duration of their life in nature reaches 15 years, in captivity wombats sometimes live up to 25 years.

There are a number of morphological differences that indicate that the evolutionary lines of the wombats and koalas have spread about 36 million years ago. Even more closely related wombat was diprotodon. Diprotodon is a giant member of the marsupial family the size of a rhinoceros. Diprotodon died out just about 40 thousand years ago.