Woodlouse – information

Woodlouse is a shellfish adapted to life in the countryside, has seven pairs of legs and a characteristic elongated body shape with a semicircular armor on the back and tactile organs on the end of the trunk.  If the woodlouse is in danger, it freezes and pretends to be dead. Unlike other species of woodlice, common woodlouse tolerates drought due to the presence of special respiratory organs near the hind legs, which are absent in other crustaceans.

The females of woodlice lay eggs and larvae develop in the early stages of development in a water sac (Marsupium) for 40-50 days. Larvae initially have only six legs and they change their skin 10-13 times. After about 3 months they become adults.

Woodlouse ordinary feed on decomposing organic substances and performs the natural function of the “cleaner”. In the houses Woodlouse ordinary eats fruits, vegetables and potatoes, in which it gnaws through the aisles. Which outside look like holes about 3 mm in diameter. In humans, woodlice is an abomination. Woodlice can be accidentally brought into the apartment, they also appear in the cellars.

With woodlice you can try to fight by reducing the level of humidity. You can also use sticky traps. Places of residence of the woodlice can be sprinkled with Kieselguhr, which destroys their skin and causes the death of the woodlice