Worlds biggest rabbit

British derrick Darius is the biggest rabbit of the planet. He weighs 22 kilos, despite the fact that he will gain weight from six months. On the day of the beast gnaws 12 carrots, 6 apples and 2 heads of cabbage.

“At the same time, Darius is an incredible lazy bastard,” says breeder Annette Edwards, “he does not like to run, but he’s lying all day in the hay.” But the size of it is, most likely, hereditary. His father and grandmother Amy also received the same prestigious title of the big men.

But in his year with a tail, Darius has already outrun his ancestors by several kilograms.

The most long-eared rabbit was the “American” Nipper Geronimo, whose ears were 79 cm wide. This rabbit belongs to the English fold.

A hare-hare can overcome 3 meters in one jump. This is the world record among rabbits for long jumps. And the record among rabbits on high jumps is 1 meter.