Yaks – information

Wild yaks gather in small herds of 12 individuals, the elderly usually stay away. He lives about 25-30 years. In the mating season, which in the yaks comes in September, they fiercely fight for the female. They aim at the side of the enemy, since this is the most vulnerable place. The loser can seriously suffer. After mating, the female carries a baby for 9 months, and after birth the calf is completely dependent on the mother for another year.

The enemies of the wild yak is almost none, except that wolves are determined to attack, having previously gathered in a large flock. But even such attacks are rare. And the yak pounces on the person without hesitation. They recognize smells very well, the sense of smell is excellent, but hearing and sight are not too sharp.

The domestic yak is very inferior to its wild companion both in size and color. They are very calm, besides they have a weakened immune system, they are less resistant to severe colds. In nutrition, the wild and domestic yaks are unpretentious, eats everything that grows on mountain heights.

Yak’s wool is widely used by Tibetans, it is noteworthy that the harness in which yaks are harnessed is woven from the animal’s fur.

Yaks are incredibly life-sustaining animals. There are cases when we met old bulls, with bullet wounds to the head and chest, and despite this, they continued to run through the expanses of mountain fields.