Young female pig called

Young female pig called¬†a sow.¬†Among the most famous features of the behavior of pigs, one should note their “uncleanliness”. It manifests itself not only in the ability to eat rotten foods and even corpses, but also in the animals’ special love for dirt. For a long time people have explained this as a natural “meanness” of pigs, for which they despised.

However, the desire to take mud baths is not a whim, but a vital necessity. First, the pigs inherited this habit from wild boars, which, with the help of mud baths, got rid of parasites. Secondly, dirt for animals is a convenient (and often the only possible) way to cool in the summer.

If the animals have the opportunity to choose, the mud will prefer a cool pigsty with a dry litter and the opportunity to swim under a stream of clean water.

Some similar elements of physiology, in particular, the structure of the digestive tract and skin, are likened to the man of pigs. Other organs (kidneys, heart) are also convenient for medical research, since in young animals their weight and weight are the same as in humans. That is why some groups of cosmetic and pharmacological preparations are tested on pigs, and they also practice organ transplants.